Helsinki Baltic Herring Market brings Baltic herring delicacies to the Market Square and Torikorttelit blocks

The Market Square will again set the scene for the Helsinki Baltic Herring Market on 3-9 October. Some 25 fishers from around Finland will arrive to sell their Baltic herring wares and visitors will be able to enjoy seafood delicacies in the restaurants in the Torikorttelit blocks. The Baltic herring jury will again award the best products on the opening Sunday, 3 October.

Helsinki Baltic Herring Market will start the traditional way at the Market Square on the first Sunday in October and visitors will be able to buy Baltic herring in various forms until the following Saturday. First held in Helsinki in 1743, Helsinki Baltic Herring Market is one the oldest public events in Finland.

“Helsinki Baltic Herring Market has a long history not only as an advocate for the fishing industry but also for a healthy Baltic Sea. Since fishing for Baltic herring helps to reduce eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, eating the herring is an eco-deed in itself,” says Susa Nokelainen at Helsinki Events Foundation.

Besides fishing boats, traditional sailing boats Albanus, Olga, Vivan and Valborg will also drop anchor at the Market Square for the herring market week. Mayor Juhana Vartiainen will open the Baltic Herring Market from the deck on Vivan at 10am on Sunday 3 October.

During the Baltic Herring Market, restaurants in the Torikorttelit block will also invite you to enjoy suitably themed dishes such as Baltic herring pizza or traditional fried Baltic herring. In addition, home cooks can seek inspiration from the ecological fish recipes available from the Swedish Martha Association in Finland, who also take part in the event.

The Baltic herring jury will award the best products on the opening Sunday

A jury comprising food industry professionals and sworn Baltic herring afficionados will again meet in the opening day of the market to select the best products in two categories: the herring surprise of the year and the pickled fish of the year. The winners will be announced at 4pm on Sunday 3 October.

Members of the jury judging the products are Andrea Hasselblatt, chairman of the Swedish Martha Association in Finland; Enni Koistinen, social media influencer; Jukka Linder, city of Helsinki fishery activity expert and advisor; Mari Moilanen, food writer and photographer; Johanna Mäkelä, Professor of Food culture, Mikko Mykkänen, CEO of The Helsinki Distilling Company; Katriina Partanen, Executive director of the Pro Fish Association; and Bitte Westerlund, reporter.

Helsinki Baltic Herring Market on the Market Square 3–9 October 2021. The market is open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Sunday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.