The Helsinki Baltic Herring Market, held in the maritime environment of the Market Square, participates in the EcoCompass environmental system. The City of Helsinki is also one of the initiators of the Baltic Sea Challenge, an open international network for saving the Baltic Sea and local waters.

Clean Baltic Sea

The fishermen who participate in the Market catch and sell over 16 000 kg worth of herring every year. Herring is an important part of the marine ecosystem, and fishing it in a sustainable manner and in right quotas prevents eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. Everyday choices such as eating habits have a significant impact on the Baltic Sea, and one of the easiest ways to help clean the Baltic is to keep herring and locally caught fish on your plate!

You can test your own Baltic Sea footprint here.


One of the main goals of the Market is to act in an environmentally friendly manner, both before and during the event. Recycling and waste sorting in the event area is done in a way that no waste finds its way into the Sea. Food vendors, ships and marketplace cafes all use biodegradable or machine washable serving dishes.

The electricity that is used during the event is produced from a renewable energy source and it has been given a certificate of origin. In addition, we encourage all of our subcontractors to pay attention to environmental issues and we communicate about environmental work to different interest groups. We also aim to minimise the amount of mixed waste that the event produces, and reuse all signage and decorations again in the future.

What can you do?

Herring is a great and sustainable alternative to imported and overfished species, and eating it also helps the Baltic Sea. At the Market, you can put biodegradable serving dishes and cutlery into biowaste containers that are available near the food vendor area. The area will also have several mixed waste containers. Please remember to use these to dispose of your rubbish.

It is easy to get to Helsinki Market Square. You can use excellent public transport connections, walk or cycle to the venue. There is a small bicycle parking area near the Suomenlinna ferry terminal and the closest city bike station is located near the Havis Amanda fountain.